Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:  It is the mission of the Housing Authority of the Town of Enfield to provide effective, sustainable and fiscally responsible housing programs in a manner which promotes safe, decent, sanitary, drug free and smoke free housing opportunities.

Vision Statement:  Five years from now, the EHA will be the local leader in affordable housing by developing and managing programs while forging partnerships that result in high performing, sustainable and fiscally responsible housing.

The Board of Commissioners

The Enfield Housing Authority is comprised of a five member Board of Commissioners that are appointed by the Town Council.  The Connecticut General Statutes allows for the the election of a tenant commissioner by the residents.  The Board is responsible for hiring an Executive Director to oversee the operations of the Enfield Housing Authority.

Howard Coro, Jr., Chairman
Barbara Lawrence, Vice-Chair

Mark Zarcaro, Treasurer
Mary Ellen Kuraska, Assistant Treasurer
William Ballard, Assistant Treasurer

Meetings are held at 6:00 PM at the Enfield Housing Authority Main Office, located at 1 Pearson Way, Enfield CT.

Regular meetings- 2nd Monday of the month (held 2nd Tuesday if Monday is a holiday)
Annual meeting- 2nd Monday in January


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